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Loving people & loving fashion

I decided when I was very young whatever I chose to make a living out of - it should improve someone elses lives.

I struggled a lot with combining this dream & the dream of working in the fashion industry, because of its reputation. A business that, in most peoples lives, are making them doubt themselves so they never feel good enough. For me it was different.

Being tall, skinny and weird-looking growing up - and always being told by others that I looked sick - the fashion business was the closest I got to an acceptance of my appearance. It GAVE me confidence...that I was good enough. So, struggeling with both love for people and love for the fashion business and the magic that can be created in it, it took me a while to pursue this path. Because I knew that what I set out to do is gonna take A LOT of work. Making people more confident whilst creating great products.

It really came down to a crossroad in my life at age 29; going all in or walk away. Its a struggle everyday to move forward, but I know I chose right. Fashion is not just fashion, You decide what fashion is. 💜

📷: Eleonora Leka

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