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Ethical Fashion Conference, London June 2015

How exciting to meet fellow fashion brainiacs willing to walk the same bumpy road as I´ve chosen!

Aiming towards an ethical production cycle is, believe it or not, still a big challenge in our time. There are so many challenges that seems endless and exhausting when You´re a fashion entrepreneur, escpecially if You´re comitted to produce Your products ethically. Its tempting to give up sometimes, but if You have that strong belief in what Your doing I belive it will lead somewhere eventually.

A real boost for me is to go spend time with likeminds in my field. To meet people who believe in what Im doing + knows the challenges Im facing, is invaluable.

I went to Source Summit, London for the first time in June. An ethical fashion conference held at the Human Rights Centre where the offices of Amnesty Internation London are located.

One day of different masterclasses, group sessions and discussions. Broadening my network and getting new business advice. A true inspirational and eduactional day.

If dreaming of producing ethically I suggest You sign up for this conference next year. Totally worth the time travelling from my home town up north.

London stroll

At the Human Rights Centre, London

Wrapping up with new inspiration and motivation to drive my business further.

Thanks London and Source Summit!

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