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Towards a breakthrough

Exciting times for the company this year. I have started a cooperation with fair trade organized factories that will start producing my bags! This is what I have worked days, weeks and years for. Its what I dreamed of since being a teenager.

Its an undescribable feeling to finally get here... to see that its possible to run a bag company ethical and sustainable!

Im only one person. Even though I know how to, I dont have the possibility to sew all bags myself. I need, and also want to, have a factory making the bags. Giving women and men a possibility to work for a better life.

As one of my friends just pointed out to me; remember whats important in this world; its what You create together with another human being. What can be created when Youre in a team. The most exciting and beautiful things in this world is not a result of Your work alone on an island..


I try to remind myself of that when Im tired after hours and hours of work in front of a computer..

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