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Brand launch? Slowly getting there..

So, the big question I get alot these days is:

What is the status on the launch of Fjør as a bag brand?

No one is more eager to see this brand launch than me. But with a few problems I have bumped into with production lately, I have been forced to postpone the launch.

The plan was to present the brand to buyers this August. Unfortunately I have decided to postpone the launch for 6 months so that I can be certain to have all in place regarding production of the bags. - both with factory and suppliers.

This spring and summer, beside working on wedding- and house renovation stuff, I have been working with a few factories to prepare a collection. Because of unexpected problems, the goal is now to present the brand in febrary 2017 and have bags in stores next August.

It might not show on my instagram account, but Im slowly growing the brand and its very exciting! I aim to built a brand that is solid, and I take my responsibility of creating a sustainable and ethical fashion brand extremely serious. By now, I have also experienced the disadvantages of builting a brand without investors. I know I have to seriosly concider having an investor on board if I want to take the company to the next level. Im just hesitant about it.

Since Im starting a brand completely from scratch without investors, and in a business that has alot of improvement to make in terms of ethical values, its a bumpy road to throw Oneself onto.

But Im getting there, so pls continue to follow and support the brand. I do believe it can make a difference in the world of fashion business.

Thanks for all Your support! xx

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